Each member pays an annual subscription. This contribution covers part of the insurance costs. In the basic version, a certain aircraft type can be chartered, in the premium membership all types can be flown. In addition, the premium tariff offers a discount on the charter prices; the 10-block-hour price automatically applies. Independent of this, additional block hours can be purchased, which also allow a higher discount on the charter prices. This way, every pilot can choose the optimal concept for his needs.
Once the pilot has been briefed on the aircraft, he can then reserve the aircraft in the club reservation portal (RESI).
The aircraft are located in Mainz (EDFZ), other "rental stations" such as EDRK (Koblenz) or EDFE (Egelsbach) can also be used depending on demand and agreement. Also for more distant locations the machines can be offered for charter by arrangement. The Piper N5554D will be one of the aircraft that will be partially stationed at several airports.
Basic Membership
The cheapest way to fly is to rent just one favorite plane in the basic membership.

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