Debonair Bonanza 33-35 N6664C

The DEBONAIR 35-C33 with the identification N6664C was acquired by WINX in October 2017. A generous avionics upgrade with Garmin GNS 530WAAS, two Garmin G5 EFIS, Garmin GMA 347 switchgear with BT, a WX-500 Stormscope and the recent installation of the Garmin SFC 500 autopilot with autotrim complete the cockpit as a modern highlight and make this aircraft the perfect platform for long flights or IFR training.


Engine:  Continental IO470K
Power: 225HP
Cruise Speed (70%): 150Kts
MTOM: 1.380Kg
Useful Load: 544Kg
Fueltanks (2) Capacity: 74Gal

Stall speed (flaps up) (kts.): 62
Stall speed (flaps down) (kts.): 52
Best rate of climb, SL (fpm): 960
Service ceiling (ft.): 18,400
Takeoff ground roll (ft.): 982
Takeoff over 50 ft. obstacle (ft.): 1288
Landing ground roll (ft.): 643
Landing over 50 ft. obstacle (ft.): 1298

The N6664C has already completed its first avionics upgrade. With a Garmin 530WAAS, a Garmin G5 digital horizon and Garmin G5 HSI, DME, Garmin GMA347 system with ADSB-Out and Blue-Tooth compatibility, and an EDM 830 engine monitor, flying the aircraft is already a pleasure. The new GARMIN GFC 500 2-axis autopilot with flight-director and Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) system will complete the modern avionic-system flying like an Airliner.  A WX-500 Stormscope is a nice feature not only for IFR-flying. Once you have flown this Bonanza you will not want to fly any other aircraft. Compared to a Cirrus this is a real 4-seater with a really large interior and luggage space.


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